The United States Adaptive Golf Alliance (USAGA) intends to make playing golf a reality for the 18 million physically disabled who would like to play the game. Founded in 2014, the United States Adaptive Golf Alliance:
  • includes 21 member organizations across the United States.
  • provides adaptive golf to 10,000+ individuals of which 23%  are wounded veterans.
 ​Members are “grass roots” nation-wide adaptive golf organizations working together so their current successful programs and tournaments can be expanded and run more effectively with shared resources and larger outreach programs for the special needs community.

​We believe that you should be able to play golf anywhere in the world, at anytime, reguardless of whether you belong to a golf club or not. By joining our community, you can arrange games with golfers in your area and with over 5,000 UK and 10,000 worldwide, track your handicap, get a handicap certificate, and green fee discounts.  

​All USDGA players and guest will recieve FREE annual membership, 
Click the logo to sign up using the code OPG12


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CourseTrends, Inc. from Austin Texas, has partnered with the USDGA providing us with this website. Over the past decade, CourseTrends has become the world's leading provider of intelligent golf marketing solutions. Over 2500 golf courses trust CourseTrends to deliver results. It's our honor to have CourseTrends as a partner.

​The US Disabled Open Official hotel

Hyatt Place Orlando Airport                            
​5435 Forbes Place
Orlando Florida 32812 
​phone  407-816-7800

Welsh Disabled Golf Association

In 2011. The Welsh Disabled Golf Association was formed to bring golfers with disabilities together to promote the game. It is home to the Wales Disabled Open, which gives any golfer with a disability an opportunity to compete at the highest level in Wales and beyond.

The United States Golf Teachers FederationR trains and certifies golf teaching professionals. Established in 1989, it is the largest national organization of certified golf teaching professionals in
the world.